Domain is rejected as high-risk

Hi. I'm trying to request several certificates. Most of the requests works as expected, but with one of the requests I get the following error message:

{"$type":"ACMESharp.Protocol.AcmeProtocolException, ACMESharp","ProblemType":16,"ProblemTypeRaw":"urn:ietf:params:acme:error:rejectedIdentifier","ProblemDetail":"Domain is rejected as high-risk","ProblemStatus":-1,"StackTrace":"

The domain name I'm trying to request the certificate for is sq.dev.example.com (other than example of course, but just to show). It looks like it is the "sq" it don't like. Certificate for dev.example.com works well.

Any ideas?


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  • Hi.

    Could you send this directly to our customer service, we need the full domain to look into this.   support@buypass.com

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