Creating a certificate with ECDSA is failing

Hi, I'm trying to use a .csr file to create a GO SSL certificate, but I'm getting the error that an "up" Link header is missing. 


Is there anything I can do about it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Do you get the same issue if you try without -csr parameter? And what ec key cipher are you using?

    • I am having same problem renewing ECDSA certificate using certbot tool. After research, this "up Link header" was removed from acme standard, might be related? Also several other users (github 1, 2, and users posting here)reporting problem in last 2 months, the certbot tool remove other support that buypass may still expect also. Will the buypass GO have an upgrade to v2 acme standard?

      Thank you for providing this nice service. I have used for many years and so I hope it is not decaying!

    • Nils Krüger Hi. Good catch. We are looking into this.

    • Nils Krüger Please try again now.

    •  mkon  Tried issuing the certificate with the same parameters, it does work now! 

      Kudos to Nils Krüger for bringing the issue up. Thank you so much!

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