Please check and correct the error of DNS-01 challenge validation

I try to issue certificate using DNS-01 validation on 2019-06-13 and there is something in the middle of validation process that make it failed then after I retry validation later, I see following error again and again.

Error, can not get domain uri. "type":"dns-01","token":"EB969EDA7B4A246CB21A7FFEFB182154C5C8BD6F","status":"pending","validated":"2019-06-13T15:03:15Z","error":{"code":0,"type":"urn:ietf:params:acme:error:incorrectResponse","detail":"Response received didn't match the challenge's requirements"

This error make me could not issue certificate for my domain till now.

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  • Hi chin


    We have investigated this case and found that during the domain validation, the TXT records returned from the validation domain name, did not contain the digest value.  Please make sure that the correct value is set for challenge validation and propagated out to the public.


    We have now patched our solution, to improve the diagnostic of such cases. Feel free to contact us again, in case of issues.



    Andriy Mahats

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