v2 new-order failure internal error (with log)

We get an internal error message while trying to request a new certificate using acme v2. Do you have any more information on why it failed ?


{"code":500,"message":"INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR","details":"HTTP 500 Internal Server Error"}


I'm using DNS-validation with 2 hostnames. Account creation (new-acct) with rsa key goes fine.


> could you please provide the command line used to obtain a certificate and an excerpt of the logs located in /var/logs/ where the 500 error was reported


This is an automated system with no command line, but here's the posted data:






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  • Hi Jay737


    Sorry for late reply.

    There happened an internal timeout in our system during CAA resolution, which took considerable time (possibly because of lack of configuration on the domain to be validated).

    We added this to our backlog to be investigated and considered for improvement in the future.


    Analysis here https://dnssec-analyzer.verisignlabs.com/ indicates that there was no response from nameserver.




    • Jay737
    • Jay737
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    Thanks for our reply.

    The nameservers in question respond to DNS and DNS-TLS requests. The domain doesnt have a DS record in parent zone, so DNS-SEC should not be used. EDNS is not accepted and result in rfc-compliant formerr response.

    The dnssec-analyzerverisignlabs.com website doesn't seem to be rfc-compliant, so it will fail saying there was no response.

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