ACME CAA notification

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This is the template used to notify of CAA incidents.

Subject:  Nonauthorized SSL certificate application due to Certificate Authority Authorization (CAA)



Buypass AS  has received an SSL certificate application with details as listed below.

Domain name:        [Requested FQDN]

Buypass AS is unauthorized to issue the SSL certificate due to Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) with details as listed below.

Domain name:        [Rejected FQDN]
#if issue != ""
Issue:            Buypass is not authorized

#if issuewild != ""
Issuewild:        Buypass is not authorized

To authorize Buypass, please include 'buypass.no' or 'buypass.com' in CAA records.

For any questions or support, please visit https://www.buypass.com/support/contact-us

Best regards,
Buypass AS
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This is the official community of Buypass.  A Root CA located in Norway.

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