Standard errors

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While working with Buypass ACME service the following standard errors may appear.

This list is not exhaustive. The server MAY return errors whose “type” field is set to a URI other than those defined above.

Type Description


The CSR is unacceptable (e.g., due to a short key)
badNonce The client sent an unacceptable anti-replay nonce
badSignatureAlgorithm The JWS was signed with an algorithm the server does not support
invalidContact A contact URL for an account was invalid
unsupportedContact A contact URL for an account used an unsupported protocol scheme
malformed The request message was malformed
rateLimited The request exceeds a rate limit
rejectedIdentifier The server will not issue for the identifier
serverInternal The server experienced an internal error
unauthorized The client lacks sufficient authorization
unsupportedIdentifier Identifier is not supported, but may be in future
userActionRequired Visit the “instance” URL and take actions specified there
badRevocationReason The revocation reason provided is not allowed by the server
caa Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) records forbid the CA from issuing
dns There was a problem with a DNS query
connection The server could not connect to validation target
tls The server received a TLS error during validation
incorrectResponse Response received didn’t match the challenge’s requirements
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